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Moving Gaily Forward – May 11, 2012

by admin on May 13th, 2012

Moving Gaily Forward

It’s often been said that the pace of technological change is accelerating, which seems hard to believe when human beings themselves take eons to evolve. Yet people do adapt – for example in my adult lifetime, there has been an almost incomprehensible shift towards the acceptance of new social ideas like gay marriage. At the same time, large organizations struggle with change because they tend to enshrine ideas rather than challenge them. When high-level managers are faced with the adoption of social media, they often have no experience with it. So they fight it by asking for proof that it works. Since that’s a whole lot easier than trying something new.

Banning Ads

Do you hate banner ads, too? I just assumed that everyone shared my loathing for these ubiquitous annoyances and concentrated their energy on minimizing, deleting or ignoring them as much as possible. But I observed an ad agency pitch last week that promoted these ads as the biggest game in town, bigger than cable TV and radio advertising, in fact. That’s why my favorite information graphic this week was one which claims it’s more likely that one of your customers would apply to Harvard and get accepted than it is that they’d click on your ad. Or at least, I *think* that’s what this means.

Quick (Don’t) Change

Social media practices are so new and evolve so quickly that it’s easy for anyone to set themselves up as having special knowledge. This blog results from all the stuff (and nonsense) that I sift through during the course of a week, so you can be spared some of the most ridiculous advice. For example, while looking at a purported Top 10 social media “no-no’s” advice column this week, my viewing experience was interrupted by a pop-up ad. I’m thinking these people need to do their homework.

Who You Know, Not What You Know

As a WeightWatchers meeting leader, I cherish the power of a supportive group environment, fostered by in-person get-togethers for a guided discussion. So it stands to reason that in my social media activities I’m most invested in connecting with people that I also know in “real” life. In fact, my personal advice to WeightWatcher members who tell me that they want to just “do it online” is that they’re missing a critical success factor — the need for camaraderie and interpersonal feedback. After all, knowing how to lose weight isn’t the same thing as doing it.

  1. Mercedes A permalink

    IT seems to me that you need to give your managers some hard evidence about the impact of social marketing. There is no point to investing your time and efforts unless you can show that there is a ROI for it. What tools are you using? Radian 6?

  2. Alf Norodale permalink

    Mercedes, I think you missed the point.

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